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Source: Xiaomi

What you need to know

  • Xiaomi has introduced an innovative new heat dissipation solution called Loop LiquidCool.
  • Inspired by cooling solutions used in the aerospace industry, the new technology uses a capillary effect to improve heat dissipation.
  • Xiaomi says it will launch its first phones with Loop LiquidCool technology in H2 2022.

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi has unveiled a new cooling solution for smartphones, which it claims offers twice the cooling capability of vapor chamber cooling solutions that are used in the best Android phones currently.

Dubbed Loop LiquidCool technology, the solution “utilizes a capillary effect which draws liquid cooling agent to the heat source, vaporizes, and then disperses the heat efficiently towards a cooler area, until the agent condenses and is captured via a unidirectional closed looped channel.”

Xiaomi’s Loop LiquidCool technology uses a similar method as vapor chamber liquid cooling, but with separate channels for gases and liquids. Since vapor chamber systems don’t use separate channels for gases and liquids, hot gas and cool liquids can often mix and obstruct each other under high workloads.

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The new cooling solution also uses a ring-shaped pump with a special gas pipe design that lowers air passage resistance by 30%. The maximum heat transfer capacity, on the other hand, is said to be increased by up to 100%.

Another key highlight of the new solution is the Tesla valve structure within the refill chamber, which ensures one-way-high-efficiency circulation. A Tesla valve makes it possible for liquid to pass through the evaporator, while blocking gases from moving in the opposite direction. This, Xiaomi says, allows for higher efficiency in gas/liquid circulation throughout the cooling system.

Source: Xiaomi

Xiaomi replaced the original vapor chamber cooling system on a custom MIX 4 with its new Loop LiquidCool solution and found that the technology kept the maximum temperature below 47.7℃ (117.8°F). The temperature of the phone’s processor was found to be 8.6℃ (47.48°F) lower than the standard version.

Source: Xiaomi

In addition to being more efficient than current vapor chamber cooling solutions, Xiaomi claims its Loop LiquidCool technology can fit into any type of internal design and allows more space for other components such as the battery and camera module.

Xiaomi plans to roll out its first products with Loop LiquidCool technology in the second half of 2022.

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