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Even worse news before WhatsApp. There are some smartphones that, starting Monday, the app will stop working

In the list of devices (Adobe Stock) WhatsApp will soon stop working

I know Share It is still the number one news site in the world today and should be given huge credit for the continuous updates released by the developers. Especially in the last few weeks, we have been emphasizing more and more about the extra features that will be released soon and become part of the service Already very rich and varied.

However, consistently integrating more and more advanced features involves more minimal requirements. And this is to the detriment of everyone who owns one Not the latest generation smartphone. As has happened in the past, other older models will be disconnected from Monday 1 November and can no longer be supported Share.

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WhatsApp, November 1 List of incompatible devices

Here is everything you need to know about this (Adobe Stock)

Starting from already Monday, November 1, The list of dated smartphones will be disconnected and will no longer be compatible with WhatsApp. Zuckerberg is a clear move from the company’s top platforms, which wants to provide improved service over time. In particular, all devices with the operating system can no longer receive any support from the board Android 4.0.4 or lower. We are talking about an ice cream sandwich version of the OS released in 2011.

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Despite the age of these devices, many users still use them. And if they want to continue to use their full potential News site, Forced to change devices and switch to the latest generation (or almost). The advice is to do one Encrypted backup Conversations, so you can easily switch to the new device and not miss anything.

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