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Technology is inevitably changing the face of education, specifically smartphones which have found a way from student’s homes to their classroom. Parents and teachers continue to question this privilege being brought into a learning environment.

A video went viral recently when a teacher from a boarding school was seen throwing all the confiscated smartphones in hand into the pits of hell (a fire pit).


The said video shows a group of students who had gathered around to witness the fire show as their punishment for using smartphones in class.

One teacher is seen with all the confiscated smartphones in hand, tossing them into the fire pit one after another.


Another teacher waved an expensive phone around, which is believed to be an iPhone before she tosses it into the pit leading the crowd to gasp in agony. Literally, to add fuel to the flames, another teacher was seen throwing in papers to feed the fire.

The teachers became famous ‘flame-throwers’ overnight and it sparked a debate amongst netizens.

The video received over 39.4K likes and 7K comments at the time of writing.

“The risk of disobeying the rules set by the boarding school”, said a netizen.

“Rules were made… so what else can you do?”

“May all the boarding schools teach the same lesson”, agrees a netizen.

“If rules were set before stating it’s forbidden and all the nagging didn’t help, what other consequences can there be?”


However, some believed that such punishment was unfitting.

“What’s the point of this? Smartphones are often used for studying.”

“It’s a pity to see this as most parents shed their sweat and tears to be able to afford a phone for their child.”

“Too much of fighting against the era, there must’ve been other solutions.”


Watch the video here:


Teaching is the profession that teaches all the other professions. With such power to create an impact, it is important for educators to be fair and compassionate, managing equity over equality.

What do you think of such a punishment? Could things have been dealt with differently? Let us know down below.


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