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Top TWS earbuds under 20000: The market is currently full of hundreds of TWS earbuds from various manufacturers. You have got the likes of Sony and Bose focusing on audio tuning while other brands are aiming to make the user experience smarter. Since most of us are looking for a fine balance between audio quality and convenience, it makes sense to consider the ones your smartphone company makes

Top TWS earbuds under 20000

Hence, we have narrowed down the top five TWS earbuds from various smartphone brands that are worth splurging money on.

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 (Samsung)

At INR 11,999, the recently launched Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 is best suited for Samsung Galaxy users, both in terms of audio and the price. The Galaxy Buds 2 throws ANC and ambient audio mode into the mix, sounds fairly balanced, and delivers good battery life. It even gets wireless charging support.

Google Pixel Buds A Series

One of the perks Google throws in with the Pixel Buds A-Series is real-time translation.  (Jhinuk Sen/HT Tech)

The Google Pixel Buds A Series at INR 7,999 ideally works best with Pixel devices and equally well with all Android phones (you will need the Pixel Buds app). There’s no ANC here but you get a bassy audio signature, a very comfy and secure fit, and all the smartness assists from Google Assistant sitting just a tap away.

Apple AirPods Gen 3

 AirPods 3rd Gen 

At INR 18,500, the new AirPods Gen 3 is best suited for iPhone users, even though it is pricey. You don’t get ANC here but there’s Spatial Audio along with longer battery life and a clever control system. The case also supports wireless charging.

Oppo Enco X (Oppo)

For Oppo users, the Enco X at INR 8,990 is a solid deal. The Dynaudio tuned sound signature is good and the ANC system is fairly strong. Armed with wireless charging, the Enco X can survive a full week with ANC on. If you are willing to deal with a companion app on other brand Android phones, go for this one.

Mi True Wireless Earphones 2

Mi True Wireless Earphones 2 (Xiaomi)

At INR 3,999, this is the most affordable one of the lot. The Mi True Wireless Earphones 2 lack all bells and whistles in favour of a lower price. It sounds fine and works best with MIUI phones, especially with regards to control customisation and battery status.

Realme Buds Air Pro

Realme Buds Air Pro (HT Tech)

At INR 4,499, the Realme Buds Air Pro is fairly affordable for a pair of earbuds with ANC. The audio quality is good and you can also expect good battery life. It works best with Realme smartphones.


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