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With the launch of a few devices this year, there is a colour changing trend with smartphones, but is this trend here to stay or is it just fanciful and non-functional? Currently, only two smartphone brands have implemented this into their devices, but what really os the color changing mechanism?

A New Innovation For Smartphones: Colour Changing Mechanism

Typically, when shopping for a smartphone, you would often get various colour options for the same device, but, what if you could shop for a smartphone that changes its colour? Yes, like a chameleon! Is that possible?

At the moment, there is only one officially launched device that shows off this innovation, and it is the Vivo V23. The Realme 9 pro series is expected to sport this color changing ability as well, but will launch on the 16th of February 2022. To understand how this color changing mechanism works, here’s an abridged review of the Vivo V23. 

What’s light gotta do with it?

The color changing ability on the Vivo V23 works with light! The reflection of light on the back panel of the Vivo V23 helps to change the colour of the device. The device is painted with a special UV-reactive dye that was developed for over 2 years by Vivo. This dye helps change the colour of the back glass when under sunlight.

While a different process is said to be used on the soon-to-be-released Realme 9 pro series, we gather that an OGA organic photochromic material will be used to change the device colour when hit by sunlight.

Is This New Colour changing Innovation For Smartphones Here To Stay?

Smartphones in general have evolved over the years in terms of capability and design. With regards to design specifically, 10 years ago, plastic back phones were very much acceptable to the general user population. But that is not the case today, matte, glass and ceramic finish for smartphones are the new norm.

As to whether colour changing smartphones are here to stay, the answer is a definite yes. Maybe not all brands will adopt this, but, there is a high chance that most will experiment with it. It can be defined as a fashion statement or a “big flex” when your smartphone changes colour after 30 seconds of being exposed to the sun. Possibly, someday in the nearest future, we will be able to control the changing ability and pick the exact colour of our smartphones at any given time! 

What do you think, are colour changing smartphones here to stay? If yes, will you consider buying a colour changing smartphone?


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