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One of the things that people often say when it comes to smartphones is that they are too expensive. High-end smartphones can cost around $1,000 and that’s money that not everyone is willing to spend on a single device. There are cheap phones out there but not many are confident with the quality of such phones. However, there are still some that are worth getting.

Believe it or not, there are great smartphones that are just $200 or less. These may not be as powerful as other phones on the high-end line but you’re still getting a pretty decent phone for what you’re spending. If you want to find a new phone

Motorola made a comeback late last decade and they have since been releasing some amazing smartphones into the market. They have some amazing budget offerings as well and in our opinion, the best they have is the Motorola Moto G Power. Selling just below $200, this smartphone will give you all that you need. The Moto G Power comes with a staggering 5,000 mAh battery. It can last for 3 full days when not in use and that’s a lot. If you’re a person that’s frequently on the go, you’re going to need this kind of battery life. Not many smartphones have such a strong battery life as compared to this. The phone also comes with a Snapdragon 62 chip and 4GB of RAM. This is an impressive internal making especially for a phone of its price. It’s a good bargain already. The phone won’t be capable of running high-end games like Genshin Impact for example but it’s still an impressive rig. You can run work-related and even some media apps all at once with this kind of power on the Moto G Power. Another impressive feature of the phone is its crisp and solid 720P LCD display. It’s a far cry from OLED displays but it’s hard to tell the difference if we’re to be honest. What’s important knowing is that you can still have a decent view of your screen even when you’re out and it’s bright outside. The camera of the smartphone is good as well. However, we suggest using it in moderately lit areas. One of our qualms with this phone is that it only comes with 64GB of storage. On the other hand, there’s a MicroSD card slot for more space so you don’t have to worry about storage.


  • Price $199.99
  • Phone Memory (RAM) 4 gigabytes
  • Internal Memory (ROM) 64 gigabytes
  • Operating System Android 10
  • Processor Model Qualcomm Snapdragon 662 Mobile Processor
  • Screen Size 6.6 inches

Since reemerging as a phone manufacturer a few years back, Nokia has been known to release amazing quality budget phones. They may not be able to contend with Samsung and Apple yet but they’re the budget king of smartphones. If you ask us, their best so far is the Nokia G2o. The Nokia G20 is by far the best budget smartphone of Nokia. What makes it great is its internal makings. It includes an octa-core CPU, a PowerVR GE8320 GPU, and a MediaTek chipset. All of these make the Nokia G20 a good phone that’s capable of many tasks. It can run high-end games in medium settings. Other than that, you shouldn’t expect any major delays or lag issues when using the G20 for many other purposes. To make things even better, the phone has 4GB of RAM and either 64 or 128GB of storage. You can expand the storage with a MicroSD card too. Overall, the Nokia G20 provides a powerful punch for a smartphone that’s less than $200. What’s also worth noting is that the phone has a 5,050 mAh Batter which is one of the biggest on this list. You can’t expect this phone to die out on you anytime soon thanks to its powerful battery. The main camera of the phone is an impressive 48MP quad-camera so you can definitely take some amazing shots and videos with the camera. It’s the phone with the best camera on this list and that’s saying a lot especially if you consider the fact that it’s around $200 only. There are very few restrictions when it comes to the camera but if you want to get the most out of it, avoid using it in completely dark rooms as it can get grainy. Overall, the Nokia G20 is a good budget phone that features a lot of amazing parts that you won’t typically find in a budget phone.


  • Price $198.98
  • Phone Memory (RAM) 4 GB
  • Internal Memory (ROM) 64 GB
  • Operating System Android 11
  • Processor Model Octa-Core
  • Screen Size 6.52 inches

If the Moto G Power doesn’t fit your needs, then feel free to choose one of Motorola’s other budget smartphones. In terms of power, you should look at the Moto G Fast. It’s given the name “Fast” for a reason after all. While it’s a budget smartphone, Motorola didn’t hold back on making the Moto G Fast a good phone. That’s apparent by the Snapdragon 665 chipset which makes it a very powerful device. Just so you know, the same chipset can be found on other G-series phones from Motorola. The difference is that those phones are a lot more expensive than this one. However, the G Fast is hindered by a less superior CPU and GPU. All of the Moto G Fast’s glory is displayed on a large 6.4-inch HD display. The screen provides high-quality images which are perfect for browsing the internet, as well as watching movies. The frame might be large but to compensate for that size, Motorola made sure that the phone itself is slim so that it’s still very portable. The entire phone is encased in a durable casing that ensures your device is protected for a long time. One thing that’s dragging the Moto G Fast is its small 3GB of RA. What this means is that you can’t easily run all of the apps you want to on the device. You’re going to have to be mindful of what you do. Moreover, the phone has baseline storage of 32GB. Luckily, it has a MicroSD storage. You can also compensate for the low storage with cloud storage as well so this shouldn’t be too much of a problem. The Moto G Fast is an excellent phone. As it’s a cheaper option that the Moto G Power, it’s a phone that won’t burn a hole through your wallet as well.


  • Price 199.99
  • Phone Memory (RAM) 3GB RAM
  • Internal Memory (ROM) 32 GB
  • Operating System Android
  • Processor Model Qualcomm Snapdragon 665
  • Screen Size 6.4 inches

Samsung’s Galaxy line is one of the premiere flagship phones out there but let’s face it, some of their high-end models are too heavy on the budget. The good news is that the Samsung Galaxy A12 is well worth your time and money despite its cheap price tag. Despite its cheap price, the Samsung Galaxy A series are very formidable phones. While it’s not made from the same high-quality materials as the mainline Galaxy series, the A12 still has a ton of good specs that make it a good buy. Its CPU and GPU are Octa-core (4×2.35 GHz Cortex-A53 & 4×1.8 GHz Cortex-A53) and PowerVR GE8320 respectively. With a Mediatek MT6765 chipset, it becomes a very powerful budget phone as well. One of the main selling points of the Galaxy A12 is its 6.5-inch LCD display. The phone offers one of the best displays on this list which makes it a good device for media playing and even viewing your work files. Moreover, the phone has a long-lasting 5,000 mAh batter which means it can last a really long time as well. This battery life is perfect so that you can joy your games and your shows on the device for much longer. The downside to the A32 is that it has 3GB of RAM and only 32GB of storage. The storage problem can be solved with cloud saving and a MicroSD card. However, there isn’t much you can do about the RAM. The A12 also comes with a headphone jack which is a good thing as you don’t have to spend extra on those expensive Bluetooth headsets. Another selling point of the phone is it’s impressive 48MP camera which offers amazing quality photos and videos that come alive with vivid colors.


  • Price $180.00
  • Phone Memory (RAM) 3 GB
  • Internal Memory (ROM) 32 GB
  • Operating System Android 10.0
  • Processor Model Octa-core
  • Screen Size 6.5 inches

OnePlus made a name for itself for being one of the phone manufacturers that make quality phones at an affordable price point. It can be hard picking which of the OnePlus flagships are the best but in our opinion, you’re getting the most out of your money with the Nord. The Nord comes with an impressive 6.52 LCD screen which surprisingly has a good display. While most high-end phones feature an OLED display, the display of the Nord doesn’t really disappoint. You might even only see the difference if you put the phone side-by-side with other high-end models. Overall, the Nord’s screen offers a quality experience be it for gaming, work, or for watching movies which is a big plus considering that it’s a budget phone. The phone comes with a GPU and CPU of Octa-core (1×2.4 GHz Kryo 475 Prime & 1×2.2 GHz Kryo 475 Gold & 6×1.8 GHz Kryo 475 Silver) and Adreno 620 which offers more than average power in terms of performance. You can play some high-end action-packed games on the smartphone without a problem. However, you might want to dial it down a bit as the phone might overheat if you play for too long so moderation is key. One problem we have with the OnePlus Nord is that it ships with Android 10 and the OxygenOS 10.5. OnePlus is yet to announce when or if they’ll be dropping an update to the OS of the phones. If you manage to overlook this flaw, however, the OnePlus Nord is still a very solid phone that gives you your money’s worth very well. Its camera quality is crips, performance is amazing, battery life is decent, and the overall build feels and looks expensive. There is a new OnePlus Nord coming later this year but it’s going to be more expensive. That being said, you might want to get last year’s model if you’re on a tight budget as it’s still a solid find in our opinion.  


  • Price $199.99
  • Phone Memory (RAM) 8 GB
  • Internal Memory (ROM) 128 GB
  • Operating System Android
  • Processor Model Qualcomm
  • Screen Size 6.44 inches

Xiaomi is one of the up and coming best phone manufacturers out there. They’ve been releasing high-end phones over the last couple of years but they can’t keep up with the likes of Apple and Samsung just yet. Luckily, they’ve found a market in the budget phone industry. Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 is the manufacturers best budget smartphone offering currently. What’s great is that while it’s a budget smartphone, the Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 is made to feel and perform like a high-end smartphone. In reality, the only real downside of this phone is that since it’s not a US brand, it doesn’t have warranty for US users. Moreover, it doesn’t support some LTE brands from the US as well so that might be a problem for some. From the get-go, one of the most impressive features of the phone is its 6.53 Full HD+ display which works very well alongside the very slim bezels of the phones. After that, the small punch cutout for the camera is there to share the screen with. The phone gives you a nearly unobstructed view of whatever it is you are doing. Thanks to the amazing display, you can watch your movies and play your games in very high fidelity as well. In our opinion, the Xiaomi Rednote 9 offers the best in terms of display quality. Another impressive part of the phone is its 48MP camera. While the rest of the lenses are subpar in our opinion, the main camera lets you capture surprisingly amazing photos and images on your phone. The phone also has great built-in filters that let you have more fun with your camera as well. In terms of performance, the Xiaomi Rednote 9 benefits well from its MediaTek Helio G85 processor, 4GB of RAM, 128GB of expandable storage, and a huge 5,020 mAh battery. You won’t have any trouble running most apps and games on the phone. The Xiaomi Rednote 9 is a beast for its price. While there are better models of the Rednote out there currently, the one that released last year is still the better option if you are on a tight budget.


  • Price $200.00
  • Phone Memory (RAM) 4GB RAM
  • Internal Memory (ROM) 128GB
  • Operating System Andriod
  • Processor Model Qualcomm
  • Screen Size 6.5 inches


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