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The wireless Qi charging function has long since ceased to be found only in expensive flagship smartphones. In addition to mid-range smartphones, the technology can also be found in more and more smartwatches and headphones. However, the Qi charging mats required for the charging process require space and often only look moderately chic.

This guide is now about inconspicuous and chic Qi chargers.


The prices for Qi charging stations vary greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer and from model to model. The reasons for the price differences are the processing quality, the materials used and the performance of the integrated Qi charging pad. A charger with only 5W takes longer to charge a smartphone, smartwatch or headphones, but it is also cheaper than the 15W variant.

If you want to charge as quickly as possible, you should definitely pay attention to the specifications of the charger used. Those who primarily want to save themselves having to plug in and unplug themselves and also get by with low charging power can safely use weaker and cheaper models.

Table top and furniture

Most inconspicuous are Qi chargers that are firmly integrated into table tops or pieces of furniture. In theory, this works with any charging pad and a little manual skill. It is easier and more convenient to mount chargers with appropriate holding devices. But there are limits here, because smartphones, headphones or smartwatches must not be too far away from the Qi charger. How thick the tabletop or furniture can be differs from model to model. Of the Calf QI Base for around 70 euros at Amazon allows a maximum material thickness of 3 to 18 mm. This is sufficient for a classic desk top. However, that would not be enough for the popular IKEA lacquer table. Here even the permitted 30 mm material thickness of the over 100 euros expensive Qi-Chargers from Kalf unsatisfactory. Of the Prestigio Revolt A2 for 60 euros creates up to 40 mm.

In case of doubt, the only thing left is to use the surface milling cutter, which is used to lower the loader into the plate from below. There cheaper Qi charger for furniture integration However, you should only allow distances of a maximum of 5 mm if you are familiar with your tools in order not to accidentally break through the table top completely.

Lamps for writing tables and bedside tables

If you don’t feel like screwing, milling or sawing, you need a different solution. Desk or bedside lamps with an integrated charging coil are ideal here. If you consider the prices for classic charging pads or the models for under-table mounting, they are not expensive at all.

the Table lamp from Serra with a dimmable LED and an additional USB port, for example, costs 34 euros and is therefore significantly cheaper than the above-mentioned charging pads with strong material penetration. The chic foldable lamp is of high quality and is made entirely of metal. In addition to the brightness, the light color can also be adjusted by the user.

It looks even more modern Lamp from Eaxus for 50 euros. In addition to the Qi charger and flexible gooseneck lamp, a digital clock with an alarm clock, date and temperature display are also integrated. A subtle night light function is also available.

The design of the Lunartec Qi Bedside Lamp with dimmable COB-LED is much more discreet. The small bedside lamp with an integrated Qi charger has a flexible gooseneck and costs around 39 euros.

The lights with wireless charger are also available in a living room design with a lampshade and wooden base. the Jowhol Table Lamp for between 40 and 55 euros offers a dimming function in addition to the classic look and additional USB charging port.

Alternatively, there are shelves or organizers with an integrated charger for writing and dessert. The model EasyAcc is such a combination of pen holder and smartphone stand with Qi charging function. The chic Assessor with synthetic leather cover is available from 29 euros. the Variant made of bamboo wood from Veelink are available for the same price. Simple wooden shelves for pens and small items are also available with a hidden Qi pad. the Storage tray from the manufacturer Mktosasa changes hands from around 20 euros.

Of the Monitor stand from Vaydeer is a mix of monitor table, hidden Qi charger and USB-C hub. The solution, which is suitable for screens up to 32 inches in size, is significantly cheaper than you would expect at 70 euros.


alarm clock

Instead of a night light, there are also alarm clocks with a wireless charging station. Cheap models like the digital alarm clock from Noklead are available from 20 euros. The model B18 from Wilit for 38 euros it has a small night light on board in addition to the alarm function. The variant of Technoline has integrated a radio with station memory in addition to night light, alarm clock and Qi charger. The Qi clock radio is available from Amazon for around 44 euros.

Smartphone holders

If you keep your smartphone in a holder at your desk or in your car, you will also get it with Qi charging technology. Simple mobile phone holders to set up, like the black model Anker Powerwave are available from around 16 euros. Almost identical Model in silver are available from Yootech for the same price.


Wireless charging is convenient and not even expensive. The inconspicuous Qi charging stations in lamps, alarm clocks or mousepads are hardly more expensive than the classic charging mats with prices starting at around 20 euros. If you want to know more about the technical differences, you should take a look at our article Wireless charging: See the 29 best Qi chargers in a comparison test.

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