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New range made up of the edge 20 pro, edge 20 and edge 20 lite models.

According to Motorola, this new edge family goes beyond the company’s previous generation of smartphones in almost every category, bringing more powerful processors, a main camera with larger pixels and Motorola’s first periscope-style zoom, with up to 50x. . In addition, the screen refresh rate is higher, the battery charge is faster, and the number of experiences on the Ready For software platform has been expanded.


Across the Motorola edge 20 family, the company has focused on improving camera quality. The Motorola edge 20 pro offers a new 108MP main camera with 1 / 1.5 ″ optical format. It features Ultra Pixel technology: every nine pixels are combined into one large ultrapixel, improving light sensitivity by nine times and resulting in better low-light performance. It also offers an ultra-wide-angle lens with built-in Macro Vision, allowing you to capture four times more of the scene in the frame to capture more of the surroundings and fit more people in each shot. Macro Vision also allows you to get up to five times closer to your photographed subject for extreme close-ups, up to 3 cm away, to capture photos of food, crafts, nature and more.

Telescope camera

The third camera represents Motorola’s first periscope-type telephoto lens, a rarely seen feature in this class of smartphones, which bends light 90 degrees for clarity greater than 5x away. In addition, the Super Zoom 50x allows you to capture details from incredible distances. And as a video feature, the Motorola edge 20 pro can record in incredible 8K resolution.


The Motorola edge 20 pro incorporates a large 6.7 ″ Max Vision display with OLED technology for a crystal clear viewing experience. This display offers 10-bit color, reaching the DCI-P3 color space and meeting HDR10 + standards. This means that users can see more than a billion shades of colors, which are reproduced vividly, brightly and realistically on the screen. For the first time, a 144Hz refresh rate is offered, the highest refresh rate available on a conventional smartphone. When it comes to dynamic, high-motion content such as games or action videos, the 144HZ refresh rate dramatically improves the experience, being 140% faster than the industry standard 60Hz from a few years ago. years and 60% faster than the first generation Motorola edge.

Fast in every way

The Motorola edge 20 pro brings 5G closer to any user and offers the next generation speed of WiFi 6. The ultra-fast Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 processor provides all the power that the user needs. With 256GB of built-in storage, the Motorola edge 20 pro makes tons of space available for photos, movies, games, and music. And with 12GB of state-of-the-art memory, apps and information stay ready in the background to keep things running smoothly. In addition, this device provides more than 30 hours with 5G without having to charge it. For its part, TurboPower 30 technology offers 9 hours of power after just 10 minutes of charging.

Motorola edge 20 pro.

Motorola edge 20

It’s one of the thinnest 5G smartphones on the market, at just 6.99mm thick. This device features the main 108MP sensor, the ultra-wide angle and the macro lens of the Motorola edge 20 pro, as well as a 30x Super Zoom telephoto lens for extraordinary images every time. In addition, a large 6.7 ”screen and 144Hz refresh rate. The Motorola edge 20 is equipped with a Qualcomm processor with up to 55% faster graphics and processing compared to the first generation Motorola edge.

Motorola edge 20.

Specifically, it is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G, compatible with WiFi 6 and designed specifically for 5G phones. With up to 128GB of onboard storage and up to 8GB of next-generation memory. It offers more than a full day without charging with the 4,000 mAh battery, and if a fast charge is necessary, the TurboPower 30 technology offers 8 hours of battery life after just 10 minutes connected.

Motorola edge 20 lite

It offers 5G speed along with an advanced camera system at a very competitive price. Users can take incredibly sharp photos with the 108MP main sensor or unleash their creativity with the ultra-wide angle and Macro Vision. The entertainment experience is enhanced by the 6.7 ”OLED screen of the rest of the Motorola edge 20 family. The edge 20 lite offers a low-power MediaTek chipset, which allows you to play games, take photos and much more without affecting the battery.

Motorola edge 20 lite.

This smartphone allows you to switch from one application to another effortlessly and keep everything running in the background without problems thanks to up to 8 GB of state-of-the-art memory. The 5,000 mAh battery is one of the largest of any 5G smartphone, delivering two days of power on a single charge, and TurboPower ™ 30 technology provides one day of battery life in just 10 minutes of charging5.

Tools to capture content

Motorola has integrated new tools to capture content easier, faster and more elegant than ever. Dual capture mode allows you to record video or capture photos with two cameras at the same time, so you can capture both the person taking the photo and the objects around you and not miss any action. The Motorola edge 20 pro and Motorola edge 20 also feature audio zoom and the new super slow motion feature. Audio zoom uses advanced microphones to capture user-emitted sound while filtering out ambient noise and voices, so your videos now include only the audio you need. On the other hand, thanks to its new super slow motion function, it is possible to record 960 high definition frames per second, four times slower than the slow motion of previous Motorola phones, to see the details that are lost at normal speed. To enhance selfies in the dark, low light AI can now be used, which automatically analyzes the selfie to improve brightness and quality without having to do anything else.

Ready For PC

This software platform expands the capabilities of the smartphone, and with the new wireless connection and PC compatibility the possibilities are endless. With new wireless capabilities, it is now easier than ever to enjoy phone games on a big screen, take part in video calls more ‘up close’ and use applications on a desktop screen. In addition, with the new Ready For PC functionality, the user can access their phone applications and PC files on the same screen by connecting wirelessly and opening Ready For. Working on two files at the same time and even moving files back and forth between devices is now child’s play.

Android 11 almost pure

Motorola is committed to the pure version of the Android 11 operating system. No cumbersome software layers, no duplicate apps – just Android 11 almost out of the box. Instead of duplicating the great possibilities that Google offers with Android, Motorola has chosen to build on this operating system with exclusive functionalities that enhance the mobile experience through My UX. My UX includes all of the great Motorola experiences, brand-specific apps, and customizations that users have come to know and enjoy. This includes unique gestures like Quick Capture, Three Finger Screenshot, and Lift to Mute. You can also select any of the 20,000 customizations of icon shapes, color schemes, and screen fonts to suit each style. All Motorola edge devices are optimized for one-handed use. Power Touch is built into the ultra-fast and highly reliable fingerprint sensor on the power key for easy use of application shortcuts. Simply double-tap the fingerprint reader on the side to open a direct route home on Google Maps, quickly scan a QR code at restaurants, and much more.


While all edge devices are protected by ThinkShield for mobile devices, Business Edition versions of Motorola edge10 phones are also being released, for B2B users to get even more protection with additional software, security updates and government-level certifications. . Additionally, Motorola recently partnered with Zimperium, one of the world’s leaders in mobile security, to offer Moto Threat Defense, industry-leading artificial intelligence-based protection against emerging threats such as phishing and malware. ThinkShield for mobile devices offers enhanced protection by building a chain of trust, certifications, and additional security solutions to provide customers with peace of mind. Availability and price

Motorola edge 20 pro is available in three colors: night blue, iridescent white and blue vegan leather, with an initial RRP of 699.99 euros; motorola edge 20 (exclusively sold through Motorola’s website), in two colors: frosted gray and frosted white, with an initial RRP of 499.99 euros; and Motorola edge 20 lite, in two colors: electric graphite and lagoon green, with an initial RRP of 349.99 euros.


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