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Samsung already has more folding smartphones on the market than any other company, but it appears that this may just be the beginning, with new models and entirely new form factors potentially in development.

Elle is a component of the Tomorrow Group, an American headquartered company that develops and licenses proprietary technology for flexible OLED displays.

It has launched a website to show various anticipated applications for flexible OLED displays as well as previous concepts, including one with a ‘Slidable Flex’ design that appears to be a flat display that may be stretched by pulling the edges, and another featuring ‘Rollable Flex’ screens that can unroll from a tube.

Then there’s the “Flex Note,” which is less interesting because it’s simply the Galaxy Z Fold design turned on its side, for a more laptop-like appearance. Samsung hasn’t confirmed whether or when any of these designs will be released – they’re simply potential applications of its flexible OLED screen technology. Nonetheless, their presence here suggests that Samsung may at the very least be considering them.

The word “phone” isn’t used in conjunction with any of these displays, so they could be utilized in TVs, laptops, or other devices. So don’t get your hopes up for a collapsible Samsung phone anytime soon, but don’t write it off entirely.

However, such a revolution may be packed up and carried away.

Other firms, like as TCL and Oppo, have also revealed rollable phone ideas. We even got to try out the rotating Oppo X 2021.

LG has made a number of attempts with different technology, yet none have come close to succeeding. The company attempted to sell one (dubbed the LG Rollable) before abruptly withdrawing from the smartphone business.

So it appears that rollable cellphones may be the next step in smartphone design, and Samsung appears to have some competition in this area, but when we’ll be able to buy such a phone is still uncertain.


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