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Samsung Galaxy smartphones offer support for VMWare Horizon, allowing its users to use their mobile phones as if they are PCs with an option to connect peripherals like mouse and keyboard, as well as to an external monitor display.

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HONG KONG, CHINA – 2021/05/18: A man uses a smartphone as he walks past the South Korean multinational electronics Samsung advertising the Samsung Galaxy s21 5G smartphone on a billboard in Hong Kong.

Samsung VMWare Horizon Virtual Desktop

As per a report by Search Virtual Desktop, Samsung Galaxy smartphones and even tablets, such as the Galaxy Tab S8 and the flagship mobile device, the Galaxy S22, could run the VMWare Horizon.

That said, Samsung smartphones could now run the virtual desktop or VMware straight from their smartphones, allowing them to connect PC peripherals.

As such, enterprises that run under the virtual desktop infrastructure of VMware now allow their employees to access and use it without needing a full-blown PC.

An analyst at Forrester Research, Andrew Hewitt, told Search Virtual Desktop in the same report employees could now settle with having a Galaxy phone connected to a PC when working remotely.

Hewitt went on to add that IT admins would no longer hand to “send full PCs to people’s homes,” adding that “a few peripherals” could do the job.

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Samsung Desktop Experience

The support for VMWare Horizon is part of the Desktop Experience of Samsung, shortly known as DeX, which specifically allows its users to make work like PCs with an external monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

The external display, along with the other peripherals, could be connected either via a USB-C cable or wirelessly through Bluetooth connectivity if ever it is supported.

According to a report by ZDNet, there have been a couple of instances that phone makers tried to make their mobile devices run like their PCs, such as the Motorola Atrix way back in 2011.

In 2017, Samsung shared its fair share of attempting to connect PC peripherals like an external monitor to its Galaxy S8 smartphone.

Since then, the South Korean phone maker has been including support for its Desktop Experience for its latest flagship devices under the Galaxy lineup.

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A Samsung Galaxy S21 smartphone is displayed at the company’s showroom in Seoul on July 7, 2021

Currently, the Galaxy S22 series and its predecessors since the Galaxy S8, along with the Z Fold phones, supports both the Samsung DeX and the Horizon Virtual desktop.

On top of that, Samsung Tab S series from the S4 model up to the latest S8 also readily supports them.

Meanwhile, the latest devices of Samsung, such as the Galaxy S22 lineup and the Galaxy Tab S8 series supports an additional screen sharing option for the Horizon Virtual desktop support. 

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