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Samsung is aiming to ship 334 million smartphones in 2022.

285 million of these will be manufactured solely inhouse, while an additional 49 million units will be made in collaboration with other manufacturers.

Breaking this down further, Samsung plans to ship 54 million Galaxy S phones, 4 million Galaxy Z Fold, and 9 million Galaxy Z Flip devices.

Samsung divides its phones into three different tiers: ‘high’, ‘mid’ and ‘entry’. The company plans to ship 83 million mid-tier and eight million higher-tier.

The remaining 176 million will be ‘entry’ level phones.

This high target sees Samsung manufacture on a level not seen since 2013-2017, when it was shipping over 300 million devices a year. From 2018 on, targets have been below the 300-million mark.

Of course, whether Samsung can achieve these lofty projections is due to many factors, the biggest being the continuing components shortages.


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