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Why should adults yell at kids for being on their smartphones and the internet? I have no clue why they do it, but I have a feeling that they do it for our own good. They don’t want us to be addicted to smartphones and they don’t want us to be too involved with social media.

But parents themselves are sometimes too involved with their own smartphones to even notice what is happening around them.

Some parents take their parenting cues from other parents. One kid’s actions may mean that another kid can’t do certain things. Parents might not want to give their kids a smartphone because they don’t want them to get into trouble or they don’t want them to find certain things on the internet. Sometimes, they aren’t trusting their own kids, because of the actions of others.

But even when parents do trust us with smartphones, we should have a limit on their usage and some downtime from them.

Abagail Hodgson


Grade 10

Solanco High School

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