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Smart glasses are turning out to be a useful technology with a myriad of different uses. Regardless of this, there are companies that have their opinions about this. An executive from Motorola told CNET that the company does not believe that smart glasses will replace smartphones.

Motorola doesn’t think that smart glasses will replace smartphones

Several tech companies have been working on bringing smart glasses technology to the mainstream. We’ve seen concepts from TCL, we’ve had Microsoft’s HoloLens, and let’s not forget about Google Glass. This shows that companies really want life to mirror the promotional trailers.

There are a ton of ostensible benefits to using smart glasses, but Motorola doesn’t think that any of them will outshine the usefulness of smartphones. The company’s head of customer experience, Ruben Castano, told CNET that smart glasses will never replace smartphones. He brings a good point with this argument: “At the center of [the metaverse] will always be the smartphone.” This comes only hours after the company launched the Motorola Edge +.

Smart glasses can’t dethrone smartphones

Motorola is definitely right when it comes to smart glasses not replacing phones. Smartphones continue to be the most versatile device that most people own. Not only are they versatile, but they’re familiar. Smartphones have been a part of our lives for so long that we’re infinitely familiar with how to use them. Even radical changes to the smartphone’s DNA like foldables are easy to get a grip on. It’s unlikely that smart glasses will be able to compete with the familiarity we have with the smartphone form factor.

Also, the smartphone form factor has evolved to become extremely efficient. We’re carrying around near-tablet-sized screens in your pockets that we use for just about everything. It’s hard to compete with the sheer productivity of a decent smartphone. Being able to fit that kind of power into a pocket is hard to argue with.

 But the company has a point, they can both coexist

During the interview, Ruben Castano said that smartphones and smart glasses can coexist, and that is very true. Being able to access the metaverse, hold virtual meetings, and paste AR elements in the real world are great things. However, smart glasses can work in harmony with a good smartphone. Right now, we’re just tapping the surface of what we can do with the metaverse. Somewhere down the like, there could be a seamless experience that involves both smart glasses and smartphones.


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