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With its new cooling solution, the so-called Loop LiquidCool technology, Xiaomi wants to be able to cool its smartphones almost twice as much from the second half of 2022 as it has been with Vapor Chamber so far.

Steam chamber with Teslav valve

The new cooling concept, which according to the manufacturer should be based strongly on that from space travel, takes advantage of the capillary effect to direct a liquid refrigerant not described in detail to heat sources, which in turn evaporates there and then the system-on -a chip’s heat is dissipated into cooler area. The refrigerant condenses in a closed circuit passing through a Teslavintel behave.

Loop LiquidCool Technology (Bild: Xiaomi)

This concept allows cooling solutions to direct vapor in a targeted manner in one direction, while the coolant can still flow unimpeded through the cooling system from the other direction. Xiaomi talks aboutThe most efficient smartphone cooling“It has been developed so far.

Compared to traditional vapor chamber solutions, this new technology has twice the cooling capabilities and ranks as the most efficient smartphone cooling solution. Xiaomi aims to bring Loop LiquidCool technology to its products in H2 2022.


Loop LiquidCool Technology (Bild: Xiaomi)

The manufacturer standard confirms the advantages

In the manufacturer’s standard, a properly equipped prototype of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 should take half an hour Jinshin effect It was nearly 9 degrees cooler than the smartphone’s original cooling solution. In the demo video, Xiaomi presents the new technology in detail.

Xiaomi has more information On the official blog sum up.

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