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Chinese carmaker AITO is soon integrating its car service app – AITO app to Huawei Member Center. This integration is currently under testing for public consumers and final changes on the platform are yet to be announced.

AITO app is the official platform for AITO cars. The service is currently equipped with over 130 smart remote vehicles with online features and remote support for instant help. It the also, useful to book test drives for over 600 stores across China.

The app has a charging network that covers more than 290 cities and more than 160,000 charging piles. It can also update the official first-hand information of AITO cars in real-time, and regularly release official user activities.

Smart Remote Control Vehicle information:

You can view vehicle conditions in real-time, support remote control of car lock windows, trunks, and air conditioners. You can also monitor vehicle status in real-time, support car search functions, remotely understand vehicles, and make car life smart and safe.

Book Test drive:

You can fast book a test drive online, purchase a car with personalized configuration, and quickly check nearby stores to make the car buying experience easy and convenient.

The exact information you need:

Get real-time updates of official first-hand authoritative information, industry trends, and industry trends are never absent. Professional content team, see the dynamic real-time acquisition of car buying and car information.


You can share your feedback and user experience with the company.

Charing station map:

You view the details of nearby charging networks and direct you to the optimal charging site. Supports viewing vehicle maintenance and speeding up the solution of vehicle after-sales problems.


AITO (Adding Intelligence to Auto) is a carmaker from China. AITO has already launched its smart cars powered by Huawei’s cockpit system powered by HarmonyOS operating system. On the other hand, AITO is planning to introduce more smart cars with Huawei technologies in the future.


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