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Google’s latest Pixel 6 smartphones launched with several exclusive features, but many can already be enabled on older phones thanks to a new app update.

Features once exclusive to the Pixel 6 range are now trickling down to older models.


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Having already accidentally given away Magic Eraser, Google has now released even more Pixel 6 exclusives to older Pixel devices.

According to a report by XDA-Developers, a new version of the Google Camera app brings with it several enhancements previously found only on the flagship Pixel 6 models, but now available to devices such as the Pixel 4a.

New features include the Timer Light function and enhanced exposure controls. Timer Light helps you take self-timed photos by deploying the rear flash unit as a visual countdown. The Exposure function allows you to tweak shadows and highlights independently while taking a photo, allowing you to create more aesthetically pleasing images while taking full advantage of the available dynamic range. But. if you’d rather not have these extra sliders on your screen, you can simply turn them off.

New Pixel 6 features, included advanced exposure adjustments, are coming to older Pixels.


The final change is much more subtle: When taking a photo, the small down-arrow at the top of the screen will now automatically change to a moon logo to indicate whenever the Night Sight feature has been enabled.

Most users would be best advised to wait until Google Camera 8.4 becomes officially available in the Google Play Store. But, if you’re impatient, you can download it from a site such as APKMirror and sideload it onto your device. Be warned, however, the report notes this version crashed when installed on a Pixel 5. Several other crashes were then reported in the comments section.

It’s not known at this point which other Pixel 6 features might find their way onto other phones, as more powerful features may require the use of Google’s new Tensor chip. However, with Magic Eraser and even Live Translate now known to work without one, will just have to wait and see.

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