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We posted this morning that Google Pixel 6 owners were complaining of poor performance from the fingerprint reader in their handsets.

Then the issue was mainly the sluggish performance of the fingerprint reader in Pixel 6, which Google blamed on the fingerprint sensor “utilizes enhanced security algorithms” in order to add some extra layer of protection, which is responsible for the delay in verification or requires more direct contact with the sensor.

Given that explanation, it is rather embarrassing that the optical sensor appears to let nearly anyone unlock the Pixel 6.

Such are the reports from a Reddit thread where at least 4 Pixel 6 owners are complaining that others are able to use the fingerprint sensor to unlock their smartphone without registering their fingers.

Despite Google’s explanation of extra layers of security, most people believe Google simply choose a very cheap optical fingerprint reading sensor, probably in part because Google wanted to hit lower price targets with an apparently premium device.

Have any of our readers run into this issue? Let us know below.

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