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Sure, on paper a brand new iPhone 13 can look mighty appealing.

But the price tag can leave us wondering if we need to sell a kidney to finance it.

Of course, there will always be Apple devotees wanting to shell out for the latest and greatest – but for those of us who want a decent smartphone (while keeping all our organs intact), there’s plenty of other options out there.

Google Pixel 6

Google’s latest offering is well and truly a flagship phone, so the price tag is a nice surprise. Google has been known for creating excellent quality phones (in particular with great camera capabilities) so it’s nice to see they’ve continued that trend of affordability.

The Google Pixel 6 retails at $999, which while isn’t the cheapest phone on this list, does offer great value for money given the quality of the phone. You could shell out an extra $300 for the Google Pixel 6 Pro, but honestly the 6 is more than enough to feel like you have a premium flagship device.

If you don’t want to buy the phone outright, there are a number of mobile phone plans that you can tack on a Google Pixel 6 to, the cheapest being Vodafone’s $40 Lite plan for $67.75 a month over 36 months ($40 for the plan, $27.75 a month for the Google Pixel 6).

Telstra and Optus also offer plans:

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE

The Samsung Galaxy was pretty good value when it was launched – and even more so now thanks to recent price cuts. You can grab it for $699 outright for the 4G model, or shell out another $100 if you prefer the 5G version.

Sure, it’s a step down from the Galaxy S20 (and S21) and it has a plastic back rather than the more luxurious glass, but you’ll still get a great smartphone camera and high-end performance, so it’s a great budget alternative.

If you prefer your phones on a plan than buying outright, you can grab a plan with the Big Three; Telstra, Optus, and Vodafone.

Motorola Moto G 5G Plus

Looking for a budget-friendly 5G phone? The Moto G 5G Plus is a great option that offers 5G capabilities without a hefty price tag attached.

For $499 outright you’ll get a zippy processor, a 90Hz display and a battery that’ll last a solid two days. It’s a good, and importantly, cheap 5G phone. You won’t get a ‘wow’ camera, but it’s decent enough to get by.

Telstra offers plans if you’d rather not fork out for it outright:

iPhone SE

Apple iPhone SE. Credit: Apple

If you’re still *really* wanting an iPhone, don’t fear because there’s still an affordable option.

The iPhone SE has all the things you love about an Apple phone; it’s got a 4.7-inch Retina Display with a Touch ID fingerprint reader and 12MP lens, and the iPhone 11’s A13 processor.

The iPhone SE is available on a plan through Telstra, Optus, and Vodafone:

Kate Reynolds is a Digital Content Editor at WhistleOut, Australia’s mobile and internet comparison site.


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